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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Charlie Paladino "Best of" Clip

So for those of you that have been following this blog or for that matter even my career you know that I was part of a web series that lasted about 5 episodes. I know you are all avid fans and following my work like fiends. So in honor of you all whom can't get enough of the thrilling antics of an up and coming (?) actor wading through the steamy streets of NY, I've created an exciting little clip reel of my character from the web series. I thank you for all the support. And Charlie thanks you ladies out there for all the love letters.

A World of Her Pwn premiered on the escapist website and ran for a good strong 5 episodes. 3 of which my fun loving character, Charlie Paladino, was featured in various wacky situations for moral support to Samantha Mason's Sam character and for pure comic relief. Looking back on these few episodes, I'm proud of my work and proud of my character. He was a fun energetic gamer who threw himself into everything.

So enjoy the best of Charlie Paladino, poor guy is now retired, but it sure was fun while it lasted.

Oh that darn wakky Charlie.

AWHP was created by Douglas Mackrell and Samantha Mason
Produced by FishPaste Productions
Directed by Douglas Mackrell and Dan Brosnan

Samantha Mason
Brian Morvant
Patrick Pizzolorusso
Jenelle Sosa
Candace Yoshioka
Corey Pierno
Joey Nova
Sebastian Ferrante
Matt Gray