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Monday, August 10, 2009

Stage Combat

This is such a long time coming. A few years ago I had the pleasure (?) of working at the NY Renn Faire. I know I know. I only did it for a year then flew the coop. I was hired as a fighter. Thankfully there is some video that survives of those fights. They're not the best choreographed, but when you're playing in the round it's really difficult to make a fight look THAT good to everyone. Some one is going to see a feint, or a knap, or notice that your blade goes nowhere near your opponant. But it's still good fun.

I started trying to compile all the video I have of me in order to piece together a reel. This will not make the cut...see what I did there with the sword fighting pun? But I stumbled on it. It simultaneously made me cringe from memories of bad pay, over acting, and mead; as well as smile because of a very small group of friends I did make while I was there. You five know who I'm talking about. So without further ado.....

Fight Fight Action World Go!

** Updated and made the video NOT private. I'm smart I am. Thanks for pointing this out Mr. Schwabe