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Friday, October 30, 2009

Beware. Explore Talet is scammy

So I know we're all signed up with all these different casting websites in order to get out there and book those auditions. Backstage still dominates in my book, but there are quite a few that I check. One that I've been a part of for a while is called Explore Talent.

It cost $30 something dollars every other month I think. Which isn't bad, but it's still money. I rarely use it. The site itself is a mess. It's poorly laid out and I have never gotten anything from it. This is one of those sites thats supposed to email you with possible roles that you match as well as automatically submit you for ones. it has never done that.

I should have cancelled my subscription a long time ago, but it fell through the cracks and I forgot about it. Out of the blue I get an email concerning my CC info. My card was declined because since the time of joining I've moved. So my billing address no longer matches. I'm not going to renew beacause honestly, it's a crap site.

But here is the kicker.

I get a call from a casting rep about a project with great money. Modelling for all these top name clothing companies. I'm pretty sure they already have their models. But I call anyway. Bear in mind this came to me the day after the email about my account lapsing. Hmmm

SO I give it a day, google the number. Lo and behold its for EXPLORE TALENT. Not a casting agent, EXPLORE TALENT. Hello scam to get people's money.

So I call. Cammie..(i think thats how it's spelled) went on and on about how great this project is and could pay up to $8,000. Woohoo. "Oh wait. it looks like your account needs to be updated. i'd love to submit you for this, but you'll have to pay the membership fees again. Would you like to? It'll be $49.95."

So quite the racket. All those people who don't renew must get this same call promising this amazing gig.
Hooked ya.
They call, pay whatever fees, supposedly submit and...nothing.

My advice to you all...don't use Explore Talent. It's just not good.