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Monday, September 25, 2006

A sketch or two, and a dog

Audition update.

The past week has been filled with submitting for auditions and managing to book a few. Last Sunday I auditioned for Ken Turrel’s theater company, Where Eagles dare to…something something. He has a little festival of original works coming up at the end of October. Usually I loathe original works because anybody and everybody is thrown up there with a few words scratched out as a script. But I figured, why not. Work is work, right?

So I go to the initial audition and forget my headshot. Every time I audition for something at Ripley-Grier Studios I forget my headshot and resume. Never fails. Well, I auditioned. With a monologue from a MeatLoaf Album. Yes that’s right, Meatloaf. I realized I don’t have many contemporary comic monologues. And those I do have memorized aren’t that funny. So I went in, did my thing and left.

Who woulda thought I got a call back. In fact, I was called back to play the character of ‘Dog’ in a two person show about the relationship between a human and their dog. It’s physical and quick. At least, the section of the piece I read for the call back was. I was the only one who read for dog up against everyone. So now I just wait and see. It was one of those things where the director said, ‘obviously I’m looking at you for the part.’ Yeah, I’ve never trusted that and never well. Too many things happen and there are too many factors that come into play at the last minute. Its physical, so at least I got that going for me.

The other audition was for Happy Hour, no not the happy hour clowns…one can dream. But instead for this sketch-esque late-night comedy show that is from what I could come up with, also part cabaret. It is located WAY down on the LES and Ave C. Too far from any trains really. But we went in, were given some basic ‘choreography’ and every one went thru the same routine. It was really easy, really basic. The kinda stuff that appeals to ½ drunken crowds. It’s all very base humor, but is there anything better than base humor? Only problem is that they rehearse right in the middle of the day. The same time all of us struggling actors are trying to eek out a living so we can eat, do laundry and pay rent.

Again, like all things in this business….we shall see.