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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Year, New Start. New projects

It's been a while since I've blogged for real.  The holidays have a wonderful way of zooming by and leaving these poor little blogs in a dusty cloud of emptiness.  Granted I've started my own "picture a day" aspect to this blog.  So 365 days of photos.  That'll be entertaining.  No?  It'll be nice for me to see my year in pictures in, you know. a year.

Filming out in Jersey
  So I guess I'll do a quick wrap-up of the past few months.  I had the pleasure of working with Corinne Willet on her Thesis film for SVA "Emily's Revolution."  I get to play the clearly amazing love interest.  And we filmed in some amazing areas in NJ.  There is something about filming in a Historic house that helps you get into character even more.  Not to mention sitting down and having entertaining conversations with the re-enactors who I think live in said house.  I can't be too certain, but I'm pretty sure they live the life. The majority of the filming is done.  We have one short scene left to do something this month or perhaps early next.  I'm just awaiting confirmation.

 Along with this I've been in rehearsals for a production of A Doll's house coming up at the end of the month.  Up until recently I was also in a musical  version of a "sequal" to the play, but I exercised the most important and powerful word actors have.  Yup.  "NO."

Use it.  It's an amazing word.

 Turns out, oh hindsight you ever faithful yet late friend of mine, having an actor in 2 shows running at the same time is not practical.  If it was a true repertory situation with one show running after the other...of course.  But simultaneously? no.  In all honesty my character could be plugged in during the last two final dresses and be good to go.  But I understand the importance of being at more rehearsals to put the other actor's mind at ease.  Torvald in this musical does nothing.  Literally.  Interacts with no one.  Is sung to and talks out to the audience.  So clearly we all thought this would work.  Sadly it didn't.  After working outside of the rehearsal schedule, adding rehearsals with my scene partner, meeting during our time off for the holidays and offering other options to meet out side of the apparently wasn't enough.  And after a few rational replies to some clearly stress induced written emails I was backed into a corner and pretty much given an ultimatum.  Either be at a rehearsal and screw over my other cast, or drop out.  So in the best interest of both shows, casts, directors...I quit.  Yup.  I said No. Dropped out of this musical and am able to focus solely focus on the play.  Which is filled with amazing actors working so incredibly hard. I've been getting tired apologizing for not being completely off-book to the rest of the cast because I've been trying to memorize two scripts that are similar yet full of different cuts.

Ahh.  Breathe.  My mentor would be proud.  Which makes me know I made the right choice to opt to take the "re-cast" option.

And in AMAZINGLY AWESOME news that I'm so very proud to announce, 25 Cents for Love has been accepted to the Macon Film Festival in Georgia.  Not only have we been accepted to the festival, but we are an Official Selection!
That's a damn shiny Laurel, no?
I cannot be prouder of the cast and crew.  It's a sweet little film and I love that we're starting to get noticed for all the hard work we put into this.  Fingers crossed that all goes well in Feb.  Anyone who wants to support us anymore and donate plane fare or sky miles...let me know.  We'd love to have a physical presence at the festival....just sayin'.