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Monday, December 17, 2012

Photo A Day 296 - 351

A MAJOR update to my picture a day experiment. Here are the last few months.
Getting down to the end!

296.  Travelling the the freakin' Mac store in order to get the recalled hard drive replaced. Hindsight: Did you know that Apple Care will come to your apartment? Huh.

297.  Hooray Public Art! Sometimes I miss it cause I'm rushing by so fast.

298.  Go on, Laugh. I don't care. Halloween costume! Tony Stark! With my custom-made arc reactor chest piece.

299. Here is another of my projects that's slowly being finished. The Millenium Falcon. Fired up the lights and added a few little details to the hull. (Bonus points: Unicycle tire in the background)

300. APPLE! Ugh. That's all I have to say. The freakin Cube on 5th Ave is like a zoo. Always.

301. Halloween is fast approaching and the first sighting for the weekend is a Fairy Football player. I'm told it's from a commercial. (I should watch more t.v.)

302. The beautiful and evil HellGate Bridge through Astoria Park.

303. Aftermath of Sandy in our neighborhood.

304. We slowly ventured out. Since there was nothing else to do for a week with the subways down. This massive tree crushed 2 cars, a house, and knocked out power to a street.

305. Halloween! Robin Hood being stopped by the Police. What can ya do? (Or is he Peter Pan? Either way, damn the man!)

306. Just my birth date on a NY Plate. No big.

307. Possibly the greatest thing to come out of college. Don Hertzfeld. You MUST check this filmmaker out.

308. Just stocking up on essentials after the power was turned back on.

309. The dreaded gas lines everyone has been talking about. This one was over a 2 hour wait for those people in cars.

310.  I love my neighborhood.

311. Despite being somewhat handicapped as a city...we still turned out to vote!

312. And if a Hurricane wasn't bad enough, snow. Yup. First real snow. 

313. And the next morning? More than a dusting. A lot more stuck than I thought it would have.
Happy White...not a holiday.

314.  This is the block where the giant tree crushed two cars and a house.  A lot of repairs still going on. Con Ed has been there non stop.

315. Quite possibly the world's most adorable wife and amazing Standee!!!!

316. Somedays you just have to take a pic of your cat with laser eyes. You  just have to.

317. This world runs on Dunkin'. And oh look, a holiday cup that doesn't cost twice as much.

318. Love Union Square all throughout the year and especially love the people trying to figure this out. I know it's secret, do you?

319. Spending a few days in Union Square shopping for gifts from all of the amazing vendors. Sun Set over the Square!

320. Here is the market from above. Looking over from the Buildings on USqu, South.

321. Sword! To add to my arsenal. Here is a rapier that just needs a little cleaning.

322. The stantions are out and the city is gearing up the the Thanksgiving Day Parade!
(no I will not be there, you crazy?)

323. How is it that a BANK with 3 ATM machines only has one working. You'd think of all places the BANK!!! would keep their machines running? TD I'm looking at you.

324. Look WHO arrived. Finally. You're jealous, I know.

325. This is specifically for Lauren. Lean something from these forward thinking people.

326. Now I Vigo can rule the earth!

327. Sidling Hill on the way to Kentucky!


329. The Natural Bridge we hiked up to...

330. Welcoming us home on the GW.  I love home.

331. And the Christmas Season has officially started for me. The Trees are here...

332. I think this sums up the day quite nicely:

333. New little side project. I'll be pulling this apart and painting the details on it in order to make a Hotwheels...hotter.

334. I love you NY.

335. Doin' it classy, Astoria.

336. You just don't know. Rolf's in the city is pure amazing. It's like eating inside of a Christmas tree all year round.

337. I want a Vespa. I do, really. And I think were I to have one it would be yellow in honor of it's older sister, my VW.

338. First official house on my block with all the trimmin's

339. Bryan Park

340. You know, the things you find lying around.

341. Dad's Christmas present. Well part of it. Almost done.

342. NY Apartment "Fireplace"

343. Misty Mountain hop. I love it when the buildings reach the clouds.

344. Roamin' around Ft. Greene. And these popped up.

345.  Talk about out of shape. Or maybe it's cause I find running SO boring.

346. So sad to see Colony go. It's windows are empty and they're taking down all the signs.

347. I watched. Did you? I kinda waited all day, then all night for Sir. Paul.

348. The Beer Garden may have lost some of it's charm thanks to the douche crowd who piles in, but it's still the freakin Beer Garden.

349. Professional gifts ready and on the way out the door. Merry Holidays everyone. (book me)

350. The extent of our decorations this year. Enjoy. We go all out. I know. Baller.

351. I'm trying to get more and more organized. Do I smell a resolution? Here are these AWESOME folders I found that are the perfect size for headshots and sides down around Union Square. I've got to look up the name. But if you're curious, ping me I'll get the name asap.