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Saturday, February 4, 2006

Odd things you see on the way to an audition

“Never leave home without your Camera.” I am so greatful I listened to this one piece of advice for surviving in the city. On a recent trip to the Equity Building in Times Square for an audition I came across yet another oddity about this city. No, it wasn’t the naked cowboy or a random costumed superhero. Nor was it those annoying people selling tickets to comedy shows, “Do you like Comedy?” No, it was dancing.

Latin style dancing in the middle of Times Sq. between a man and his puppet. This life-sized female puppet was atatched to him via special shoes and because of this she appeared to be dancing with him, only contorting her body in ways that no human could ever or would ever do. These antics of course gathered a small crowd, none of whom were willing to get too close to this flailing dancing couple. Of course I snapped a few pictures.

Very Technical Dance move here folks, please don't try this at home.

After a lively performance our talented couple was ushered off by the police for lack of a permit. So of course, when you are done dancing, you pack it away. In this case quite literally. The spry couple sauntered over to a small pile of boxes and the gentleman opened up a suitcase and began folding up his dance partner and packing her away.

Is this how dancers are smuggled in and out of Times Square?

In the Suitcase she goes

And then this charming street urchin who danced his way into our hearts, or something like that, packed up his partner and wandered off to entertain confused onlookers elsewhere.

I say entertain when in all reality its quite frightening. I’ve seen ths performer in Penn Station as well and was extremely freaked out then.