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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again

It has been an awefully long time since I posted and I apologize. But my time has not been spent slacking off I assure you all.

Currently I am unemployed. Thank god that I have always had a knack for saving money. Even though I am entering a month of no work, I don’t mind. I do so willingly because I have been auditioning non-stop for the past several weeks and I love it!

My last few auditions have been nothing short of…entertaining.

The first one I went one was a general dance call for La Cage Aux Folles. Now here I am thinking, “there is nothing else going on, sure I can go out for a dance call, after all I’ve been in a modern show and I’m working on another piece now.” Yeah, not so much. You try dancing for two hours in characters shoes. I am, howver, proud that I managed to make it through the whole thing and didn’t screw up nearly as much as I thought I would. The director at least liked my character choice of the ‘Special’ dancer. I was give the compliment of “fierce” legs, something to be proud of. I have acquired a new respect for all those women out there who work the chorus. It is not an easy job.

Aside from submitting like a click happy fiend I have also gone on a few film/commercial auditions. This short film is being done by an NYU student. Now I know it’s a student film, but I figured it’s a good place to start building up film credits. The premise is very juvenile and unoriginal, a spoof on the Real World. Their special twist is a house full of famous literary characters. I auditioned for Hamlet..big stretch. But I know when I left that I nailed it. Sadly I will be unable to be a part of the piece because we’ll be out of town. VACATION! (But I did get called back)

This past week I auditioned for a Dunkin Donuts Commercial. I was first to arrive in the morning, so that means I was the first in and the first out. Such a breeze, not to mention fun! The idea is to show the world that DDs has coffee as well as tastey round pastries. And cheap good coffee at that. Where other places *cough, Starbucks, cough* coffee is looked at more like a status symbol, Dunkin Donuts is the working man’s joe. So there I am carrying on a phone conversation into a coffee cup as my audition. Ahh improv skills. I made them laugh as well. So again, who knows?

Finally, this afternoon I auditioned for a production of Twelfth Night for ACS. I have no idea what that stands for, but the talented and big-hearted Ed referred me to the company so a auditionin’ I went. It was in a very drafty and very cold church on Christopher street during a drizzly afternoon. So, when I got there I was somewhat chilled to the bone. I started out a little rough, but on my third read I made the director laugh and that is always a good thing. Laughter is such a powerful toxin.

The production is this summer in Jersey City, which means for me an hour and forty-five minute commute. Give or take a few minutes. But, it is with a company that comes highly recommended from someone I trust.
All in all, I am happily back in the auditioning game and loving every minute of it.