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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Long Christmas Ride Home

The first weekend of performances is under our belt. Aside from the usual little bumps and hic-ups the show is going really well. I'm insanely proud of my work in it. Of course there are places where i feel i could better myself. But its theater and always a work in progress.
The process of this project has been such a wonderful ride. This has been by far the most challenging project i've worked on since coming to NY. Its been a very long and rough road but i'm happy with the outcome.
The cast I'm working with is phenominally talented. Not to mention the fact that we all get along. For all of you out there who have worked in the theater here in NY, or anywhere for that matter, there is always that one person or aspect of the show that drives you insane. This show? Everyone gets a long and there are no negative feelings towards anyone or any aspect of the show...who knew? Of course we all wish we had more rehearsal time. But who doesn't.
One of the most impressive aspects of the show are the puppets. The play calls for our best western interpretation of Japanese Bunraku puppets. I think we do a pretty damn good job. During rehearsals it got to the point where the puppets were soo much more interesting and life-like that we paid attention to them more than eachother and fellow actors. Its amazing how your eyes are drawn so quickly to a little wodden person being operated by a team of puppeteers. Not to mention the fact that I can now confidently put puppetry on my resume knowing full well that i can operate the damn things.
And it would be a crime to not mention the lesbian shadow puppets. Thank you Paula Vogel.
So the show has one more weekend and the hardest judges of all, my parents, are coming. So we shall see what they think. But i predict tears. Just a few, but tears all the same.