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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Complete works of William Shakespreare {Abridged} Tour…..

Its been a while since i've updated this. Not for lack of work, but because i'm lazy. Damn lazy. I worked this summer down at the South Street Sea Port in a production of 12th night. it wasn't a bad piece and i managed to make a lot of good friends in it. Goo networking.

But the Seaport. We were in the SPACE gallery which during the day is a great art gallery. But to ask an audience to sit through three hours of Shakespeare without A/C is not fun. Plus it takes at least an hour, if not more, to get anywhere from the Seaport. Especially late at night.

And now, I'm working on the Complete Works Of William Shakespeare Abridged with WindWood Productions.

Going to Frostburg Maryland. Rolling hills and such. My ears popped like crazy going up and down the roads cut through the hills. But I’m officially on the road and enjoying it. In fact I am writing this little message from my hotel room. It’s a Best Western, nothing special, but the rooms are big enough that my roommate and I aren’t crowding each other. And I spent tonight after rehearsal relaxing in the hot tub.

Yeah, being an actor is great.

So the show..The complete works. Really, what is there to say? It’s physically draining and rewarding. And of course it’s a wonderful love letter the Bard. Plus this is a wonderful company to be working for.

So here I am in Maryland. Working…or so they say.

I’m getting paid for this