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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sick as a Dog

I have't blogged in too long.  I love to write but sometimes time just creeps away from me.  A quick catch up, I just closed a show at theater for the new city, dropped out of a disorganized student project .. Almost a year of being dragged along, about to start rehearsals for Macbeth with american globe, I'm sick!!!! For over a week now and doing all I can to get better.  (emergen-c your powdery goodness is my new best friend), and ive been knee deep in html code for a new radio show's website.  I'm keeping busy.
Just damn this cold.  

Learning lines its always fun when you're head is a cloud shaped fog.  Yum

More to come, but there is the short of it.  Did see an amazing piece of theater last month I shall write about.  Its good to know good stuff is out there, with so many people just rehashing the sane old stuff.

Off to medicationland! blogged from the new blogger app for's..well, it's new.  So it needs help.