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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jobs for Actors

Everyone has their little trick, or secret about how to work the system.  You know, pay rent and audition.  Rehearse and be able to eat at the same time.  It gets tricky being an artist without a trust fund.  I should go to that audition, but I need to work so I don't freeze in the snow.  I do like having an apartment, and warmth.  And food.  And a jacket.

Sure there are servers and temps and some people have managed to get jobs at theaters themselves.  That's great to be able to at least work around the hub of your artistic endeavor.

Well I find myself in a state of employment re-evaluation and am here to say...I do web design.  I do it fairly well.  And fast. And inexpensive.  I say this not as someone looking for work...althought I am...all artists should have a home on the web.  All of them

 It's a place to showcase your work, dance footage, sculptures, reels.  Anything.  A presence online is one of the biggest tools so many people either discredit, feel they can live without or just plain can't afford.  Well if you don't use  me, please use someone.  I'm happy to help consult, or build.  Whatever you're looking for.  And being artists..we're starving, right?  Some for art, but all for money.  So I'm inexpensive.  Let's talk.

I cannot tell you how many auditions I've gone into where the casting director actually did some researched and watched some of my videos, or referenced a photo online.  It helps people.  It really does.

So here is what I do.  Web Design.  Post cards? I'll help.  Business cards?  Yes, those too.  Help with your resume?  Let's make it look amazing.  And of course, get it all online.

Let's design your home online.