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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Memorization and things of that nature

So I'm sitting here in a starbucks with ai  living example of birth control running around causing headaches and tempers and headaches to rise.  I'm here asking for this punishment because there are just too many distractions at home.  I wony focus as hard surrounded by all my toys and such.  So I'm  here....distractes by this child who desperately needs to be restained and wondering..

What do you do to memorize lines? What are you tricks, tips, habits?  What works for you?

For me personally, I write my lines over and over killing many a tree in the process.  Something about being forced to go at a slower pace with every word and every line helps to cement it in my brain.  And with Shakespeare, where every syllable counts, its become very useful.

Also blocking rehearsals.  Moving through the space while saying my lines is just as powerful of a memory charm. Perhaps its part of muscle memory. 

So those are my main two memorization tools.  Of course I love the help of a friend running lines with me.  But these I can do on my own.