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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A busy week and I'm not complainin'

This heat is deadly!  It started last week and has just continued to bake Manhattan.  Hooray sweat.  Nothing like showing up to an audition or rehearsal as if you've already been rehearsing for a few hours. I've thought about bringing a change of clothes but I think carrying them around would just make me hotter, no?  Maybe they should have free showers where Charmin has those free bathrooms in Times Square.  I mean as long as they clean them.  Often.  thoroughly.

So last week, in this heat, my agent set me up with a "Go-See" for a Microsoft spot.  Ooooooh a vocabulary word!  So for those of you curious, a 'go-see', is pretty much exactly what it sound like. You GO to a casting office and they SEE you.  (more like they see if they like you.)  Take a few pictures in different poses, angles.  You're done.  So my agent had confirmed this at the beginning of the week.  As I was getting ready to go my manager emailed me with the same information.  What did we do before the days of instant communication?  Anyway, I was on my way and really curious what this would mean.  Both had technically informed me of this and sent me on it.  I spoke to a few friends.  The general consensus is that both the agent and manager would have to be paid if I booked the gig.


Of course I'm counting those chickens before the eggs are even laid. But whatever.  That's interesting though and I'm curious what others think about that. If you are sent on an audition by multiple freelance accounts, who would get the credit?  I emailed my manager saying I was already on my way and asked him directly what I was to do since both had submitted me. He said to always go with whoever sent you first.  (You have to usually sign in and say what agency your with, if any.  So I wanted to know going in, not just for the potential pay off $$-wise.)

The Go-See.  I get there, look around.  Now I'm not a super short, but I'm also no giant.  I'll never play superman, that's for sure.  Or Andre the Giant in his biopic. (But man!  Where is that movie?  I'd go watch that! OBEY!)  Anyway, all the guys are taller than me.  And older looking.  Like late 30's/40's with way shorter hair and much more clean cut.  Of course I'm I even right for this?  But both the agent and manager sent me so I'm there.  They take some pictures from different angles and that's it. Back out into the heat in a button down.  blech.  Pretty sure I would have heard by now.  They're shooting this coming Monday.  but I know they had an alternate day last Friday.  So who knows.

I've also been in and out of rehearsals for this next fringe piece which is just two characters.  For 90 minutes. My mouth hurts from talking so much.  So many lines.  Remember that first play you got into as a kid and you counted the lines you had?  Yeah..this is killer.  Off book by Thursday?  I'm on it.  Sure!  It's a collection of 7 small plays.  One of them is essentially a monologue.  For 10 pages. Welcome to Eternity!

And recently I filmed a trailer for a screenplay that the writer and producer are looking to use as a tool to pitch the idea to potential backers.  It's a weird thing to film in such a broken way.  But the cast and crew was great.  I feel like from the moment I met the director something just clicked.  Which happens, but not often enough.  So I'm of course looking forward to the final product.  We had a 3 day marathon filming adventure around NYC and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to work with and befriend.  I play a guy who joins a cult for a girl.  Yeah.  It's such an old story, right? I've heard it a thousand times.  Boy meets girl.  Girl is in a cult. Boy joins cult.....magic.

And now off to learn more lines at 1 am.  woohoo.