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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No MTA you cannot keep me down..for too long

The past week has been insanely busy.  But in that good "i'm getting called in for things" kinda way.

Lot's of good stuff though.  First a question.  Why does the subway always smell like poop?  Oh, cause there is a t-shirt covered in it just outside the entrance.  Ah..summer in the city.

Speaking of the subway, we'll start with yesterday.  Now, it normally takes me about 20 minutes to get to Shetler on 54th or the Ripley Grier between 55th and 56th.  20 minutes.  So lets see...I had an audition yesterday afternoon and the trains were running at their usual woa-woa-lets-not-be-too-hasty-with-our-speed-here.  You learn to compensate.  Made it to the audition ok then back home to relax.  (which is where I discovered the poop shirt at Times Square)  So my evening.  Audition at 5, meeting my scene partner (co-star? can you say co-star for a 2 person show) at 6, rehearsal at 7.  Soo...I leave and get on the Subway at 4:30.  To give myself enough time to get to Shetler and read the sides and go in.  Well the MTS vomitted all over my plans.  The train stopped..between stops...for over 30 minutes.  Had to transfer to another train that took me to times square. And of course the entire population of Manhattan Island is now trying to catch a train to somewhere, anywhere.  So I leave the station and hoof it to meet Mary..Co-Star.  6:15. From 4:30-6:15 i'm on a train.  Missed my audition and was seriously shoulder checked by this steroid-filled gorilla who I of course call out and yell at in front of the Starlight Diner.  Busy ass city, it's hot, clearly people are're going to be an asshole?  So I called him that.  Over and over and over.  Sometimes I'm either an idiot or fearless.  I prefer fearless.  He turned around and I said, "Be Nice! What's wrong with you? A city this big in rush hour and you have to be a dick?  Just be nice!" and i was off to meet Mary.

The good news is I'm alive and last night's run went really well.  I assume it was all that crazy energy of trying to maneuver the subway.

Then we get to today.  My agent sent me on a microsoft commercial.  The only info I get is that the character is stuck in the 70's.  I assume 1970's and not the age.  Now 70's to me immediately brings up images of bell bottoms, something militaristic, fade graphic tee's.  Something ala That 70's show

So I get there and apparently their idea of "70's" is more like Larry from Three's Company or Quagmire from Family Guy.  oops.  I still feel I nailed the audition.  I was given a few adjustments and I did them to the best of my ability...I hope.  And then on to the next. Which was for Lavazza Coffee and guess who is filming this Sunday possible filming not just 1, but 2 commercials for the coffee Lavazza!  I met with the production team today and it was a perfect match.  So it's been a good few days of adventure and tomorrow is venue prep day for the fringe followed by a showing of our show at Columbia.
...I need sleep.