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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Continuing my streak of meeting horrid people and Rehearsing!

Dustin' off some cobwebs here.  I feel like I've been on the go non stop for the past week or two.  Which is true.    I feel like my schedule is slowly drowning me.

Rehearsals have been hot and heavy as we head up to opening night...FRIDAY! I really feel like the Fringe festival is one of the things NYC has over other cities in the world of theater.  This year I believe there are 191 shows going on simultaneously over the next two weeks.  There is so much theater in this city year round, but during these 2 weeks It's a crazy roller coaster ride of new and experimental works.  I love being a part of that energy.  And being a part of the festival just automatically puts you in touch with artists from all over creating work from so many varied points of view.  It's like a big theater convention.  It also means marathon days.

Like today.  Today was tech day which was scheduled from 12:45 to 4.  But it started earlier getting all the props and costumes and minor set pieces to the theater. Tech  Long, boring.  With Fringe it's often times the first time a show is run in the space.  And usually the only time with lights and sound before the opening.  Gotta love a festival. Then we had a short break and went over notes and did a line through on book.  Yes, on book.  Both of us reading.  It's amazing what you think is the line and what it actually is.  After a month of rehearsing you memorize things slightly off. Oops. So now tomorrow is about going over line by line and getting perfect to the letter.  Another run tomorrow night then We open.

Some how, tomorrow while I'm going over those lines, I'm also supposed to be filming the rest of the Lavazza Coffee commercial. We were rained out.  Torrential down pour in Manhattan this past Tuesday.  We managed to film half and, well...act of the gods and all that.  So..we finish tomorrow.  Always on the go.  I will say this..holy hell the Greenwich Village Bistro is a HORRIBLE place.  A film crew, actors and actresses, equipment, costumes..slowly getting soaked in the rain come in.  We ask if we can sit and wait it out.  The "owner" (I'm sure the little troll who was there isn't the owner) was the most evil, vile, hate spitting creature I've ever come across.  I had to leave after her negative words got to be too much.  Basically talking under her breath how horrible we all were for sitting in there and getting her floor wet.  Yes she actually complained that were were ruining her hard wood floor that was...old and falling apart.  Water will only help the filth I think.  At one point she counted everyone and said loudly.."13 people and only 4 ordered food.  Ridiculous."

It's freakin raining you toad.  I will never eat there.  Nor will I suggest it to anyone I know.  What is wrong with people.  Heat, rain, doesn't matter.  They're all evil.

Now I'm off to bed.  Or slowly going to fade off.  8 am call time.  I'm using Star Trek Enterprise to put me to sleep.  Why is this show so BAD!!!!!!

The 12 year old Trekker inside me is slowly dying with each episode.