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Friday, February 22, 2013

SNL: Again! An Interesting Start To 2013

Happy New year!

I realize it's been a while since I last posted. I have to say my picture a day exercise from last year was quite a challenge. I had anticipated posting every day. But thanks to the suggestion of a friend I started doing weekly recaps. And eventually much longer posts with pictures from a few weeks.

While taking the pictures is easy, posting about them took a little more vigilance than I had anticipated. I think I'll get a nice slideshow up here somewhere. It's amazing to look back at a year in pictures.  But all that made me really need a little break. Hence my absence for almost 2 months. But now I'm back!

Headshot under a bridge. Like a Troll
A lot has happened in the past 2 months. Some good. Some not so good. Some sad. Let's focus on the good...and perhaps the not so good.  I've gone back and forth about whether or not I should write about this. We try to sell ourselves as artists. To make us look better than we are.  Which I HATE. There are far too many people who puff themselves up with talk but it's backed up by nothing.  So here is the down and dirty of this world.

My manager dropped me.

There I said it. We've parted ways. We've parted amicably. The thing is, I can't blame her. I don't think I'm a type she gets much work for. And I'm mostly a stage actor slowly working at getting into film. She focuses mainly on film. While she's been a great asset and has truly operated as a manager, it just didn't work out. It happens. All the time. Am I sad? Sure. Who wouldn't be. But you know what? Onward and upward.  Her company merged with another and she could only take so many of her former clients.  That's how things go sometimes.  So I spent a few days scouring the web to try to take her off all my profiles because, well, that's what you do. Reformatted my resume a little. Made some adjustments to my website. Little things.

Now begins the push for 2013. A few little setbacks did occur which I'll go into in another post. For now let's keep this one a little more light-hearted.

So. Manager gone. That's ok.
I think as she was literally hitting send on the goodbye email I was filming a digital short with SNL.
So there's that.

Now I've railed against background work. It's horrible. I hate it. You're treated like cattle because let's face it. In a film you're just glorified scenery. I hate all those pseudo-actors who do background work and then add it to their IMDB profile as "uncredited." You're not credited because you were background. It's a personal pet peeve. But what can you do.

That being said, there are a few shows I WILL do BG work on because I love them. And the working conditions are fantastic. They treat you like gold. Saturday Night Live is one of those shows. The other being 30 Rock (R.I.P.).

So yes, I did BG on SNL. But, and I know everyone says this, (those people trying to talk themselves up) I actually had a few bits. Which in the end got cut. I had several moments with Bobby Moynihan. One with beakers in a chemistry class, another in the lunch room. But it all comes down to editing and while I'm there, I'm not THERE.  You know?

The skit?  Possibly one of the funniest and smartest I've seen in a while. The "Soprano's Diaries."  Have you seen the Carrie Diaries?  It's just itching to be made fun of. No. It's screaming to be made fun of. It's up there with Smash (which I think makes fun of itself not to need a parody. Oh Smash...)

So sure I lost a manager, but I was on SNL again. And the best thing was the commute to the location was just around the block.  Here is the skit...until NBC pulls it from youtube.  Enjoy!